Melitta Asia Pacific

Melitta Asia Pacific is responsible for Melitta’s retail activities in the Chinese market. The company’s activities focus on establishing the Melitta® brand, especially among young professionals in the pour-over segment. In addition, the operating division – together with Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions – offers fully automatic coffee machines and coffee beans in particular for offices, hotels, restaurants, and cafés in the out-of-home coffee segment.

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Key Figures ’20

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Our highlight of the year

Coffee replacing tea: growing interest in the bean in China

Coffee is booming in China: consumption is growing faster than anywhere else in the world right now. Annual growth rates of between 16 and 20 percent – according to various studies for the years 2017 to 2021 – speak for themselves. Over the past ten years or so, more and more cafés have been opening, more and more coffee is being bought, and more and more coffeemakers are being used at home.

Coffee is particularly popular among the younger population: stopping at the coffee shop on the way to the office and taking a coffee break at work – especially in the office towers of major Chinese cities – have become a treasured part of everyday life for many Chinese employees. At the same time, there is growing demand for higher-quality coffees and special coffee creations.

This contrasts with coffee consumption at home. Although more and more coffee is being drunk at home these days, it is mainly instant coffee. However, the pour-over method is growing in popularity due to its low cost, the fact that it can be easily adapted to individual preferences, and the fact that it follows a ritual and thus creates a special moment.

The strong growth in coffee consumption in China is expected to continue in the coming years – driven by innovations and products tailored specifically to the needs of the Chinese market. Trends such as cold-brew coffee and americano have already won many fans, and it is only a matter of time before other specialties achieve a similar breakthrough.

Our positioning

In the Asia Pacific region, Melitta is associated with a high-quality and diverse portfolio, a strong tradition and its German roots. The market offers considerable growth opportunities, as more high-income consumers appreciate exceptional coffee enjoyment and are increasingly enjoying coffee at home.

Our strategy

The strategy of Melitta Asia Pacific is aimed at strengthening the positioning of the Melitta brand in the coffee and coffee preparation segments of the Chinese market. In 2020, a comprehensive market survey was developed to deliver information on the specific needs of the selected target groups. Based on the results of this study, products are to be developed specifically for the Chinese market in the coming years. In order to serve the needs of customers in the out-of-home sector more effectively and to exploit potential synergy effects, the activities of Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions in China are to be merged with those of Melitta Asia Pacific by mid-2021.

Market and business trends in 2020

There was a further increase in coffee consumption in China in 2020. Demand for coffee is growing steadily, especially in large cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Instant coffee continues to account for the largest share, but whole beans, ground coffee, and coffee-making equipment are also becoming increasingly popular. Melitta Asia Pacific was able to benefit from these developments and achieve year-on-year sales growth.

Outlook 2021

Various new product launches in the coffee and coffee preparation segments are planned for the fiscal year 2021. In addition, the company intends to expand its distribution channels and has already strengthened its sales team for this purpose. Another focus area will be the development of a product range geared specifically to the needs of Chinese consumers. There are plans to form partnerships with local roasters and also to launch products for manual coffee preparation.