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Annual Report 2021

Melitta Corporate Divisions

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The corporate divisions provide support for Chief Corporate Management as well as coordinating and steering the individual operating divisions. Their most important tasks include developing and defining Group-wide strategies with regard to finance, legal affairs, human resources, corporate development, and communications and sustainability. Together with Chief Corporate Management, they represent the headquarters of the Melitta Group.

Corporate Development incl. 10x Innovation
[ Managing Director — Günther Klatt ]

The corporate division Corporate Development deals with the strategic alignment of the Melitta Group and its various operating divisions. It provides support for Chief Corporate Management with the further development of Group strategy and helps the operating divisions implement their strategy projects. One of the division’s most important tasks is to give recommendations regarding the design and implementation of strategic alternatives. This involves monitoring market trends and developments, evaluating strategic options, developing strategy programs, and jointly implementing them within the framework of corporate strategy. The division is sub-divided into the departments: Corporate Strategy, Investment Management, Planning and Reporting, Corporate Innovation/Melitta 10X Incubator, and the Digital Acceleration Team.

Corporate Communication and Sustainability
[ Managing Director — Katharina Roehrig ]

The corporate division Communication and Sustainability is responsible for internal and external communications across the Group. This includes the development of the Melitta Group’s communication strategy and its implementation in the field of corporate communications, public relations, sponsoring, and events. Its responsibilities also comprise the Group-wide strategic alignment and development of sports partnerships, as well as in-house real estate management in cooperation with the relevant departments. The corporate division’s other main tasks include the strategic alignment and coordination of the Group’s sustainability activities, as well as the integration of sustainability into business strategy.

Corporate Human Resources
[ Managing Director — Roberto Rojas ]

The corporate division Human Resources shapes the strategic and infrastructural framework for the support, recruitment, and development of personnel. A key task is to strengthen the attractiveness of the Melitta Group as an employer, both internally and externally, in order to retain current and new employees over the long term. Corporate HR supports the operational HR departments with suitable measures and instruments, including digital tools for process optimization. By working in partnership with managers, employees, and worker representative bodies, as well as facilitating Group-wide synergies between the individual HR departments, Corporate HR also promotes the flexibility and competitiveness of the entire organization.

Corporate Finance
[ Managing Director — Jochen Emde ]

The corporate division Finance develops the Group’s financial strategy, as well as its accounting and taxation policies. As the Melitta Group’s Finance Business Partner it is also responsible for the financial organization, as well as the treasury, insurance management, and customs and tax issues of the Group. Its main tasks include planning and managing cash flows, coordinating Group data management, and financial reporting on the basis of uniform standards, processes, and systems. In addition, the corporate division is responsible for the risk-oriented implementation of internal audit tasks at the Group’s operating divisions. It draws up guidelines on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and provides various financial services, such as advice and training for the corporate and operating divisions. Finally, it is responsible for the operational coordination and management of acquisitions and cooperations.

Corporate Legal Affairs
[ Managing Director — Gunhild Wehmhöner ]

The corporate division Legal Affairs has the task of identifying all risks due to new legislation – from amendments to case law – and changes inside or outside the Group. It supports Chief Corporate Management, the other corporate divisions, and the operating divisions with all legal issues. To this end, it examines legal issues and contracts, as well as packaging and advertising materials, manages legal disputes with authorities and third parties and coordinates cooperation with external lawyers on behalf of the whole Group. It is also responsible for the legally secure structuring of companies, as well as the registration, renewal, and defense of intellectual property rights, and Group-wide data protection issues.

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