Melitta Group

Annual Report 2021

Future Dialogs for Inspiration

Action areas for a sustainable economy

We are facing a huge transformation process that will affect many areas of our economic and social lives. After all, sustainability is not just about combating climate change. We need profound transformations in a whole range of different areas if we are to achieve a sustainable economy.

Seven action areas

In order to structure this multitude of topics, several approaches have been developed by science and industry. One of these is the proposal elaborated by the Wuppertal Institute to distinguish between seven turning points or action areas: Prosperity and Consumption, Energy, Resources, Mobility, Nutrition and Health, Urbanity, Industry.

We at the Melitta Group find this proposal extremely helpful. After all, these seven action areas can help us to map the majority of global sustainability challenges and to respond to the three central crises of our time – the ecological crisis, the social/societal crisis, and the political crisis. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that there are multiple interdependencies between these action areas. The transformation success in one action area significantly determines the success of other action areas.

Future dialogs for inspiration

In spring 2022, we asked employees from many of our operating and corporate divisions to share their thoughts and ideas on each of the above-mentioned action areas. With the support of representatives from the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt am Main, we held discussions and explored our shared or differing ideas about the future. Excerpts from these discussions are presented on the following pages. The aim of these discussions was, and is, to provide an impetus and outline possible visions for the future. The focus was on highlighting the views of individual employees – and not on the goals already achieved or planned by the Melitta Group.

We hope that these ideas will provide some inspiration and suggestions – not only for our customers and suppliers, but also for our colleagues. We would also be happy to engage in a dialog with you on this subject so that we can further explore the many topics only touched upon here. We look forward to receiving your feedback, because it goes without saying: Together we can achieve much more!

Katharina Roehrig

Managing Director Corporate Division Communication and Sustainability