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Annual Report 2021

Create impact
— Highlights of the Year 2021

Melitta Europe Coffee

yields for
coffee farms

Colombia is one of the world’s largest coffee-growing nations. However, coffee cultivation is becoming less and less attractive in this country – especially for smaller coffee farms.
Melitta Europe – Coffee Division has therefore launched a project together with 4C Services with the aim of “improving working and living conditions for coffee smallholders in Colombia”. The “develoPPP project”, co-financed by the German Investment Corporation (“Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft” – DEG), aims to help up to 1,000 people on small coffee farms achieve higher yields from sustainably grown coffee by introducing improved agricultural practices and enabling better market access – with a positive impact on living conditions.

Melitta Group

Using resources. Protecting the environ­ment. Being regene­rative

The cultivation, processing, and preparation of coffee generates huge quantities of organic waste every day. What many people are not aware of is that this waste can be recycled – for example as nutrient-rich compost for coffee cultivation. In most cases, however, it is simply thrown away and adds to our growing waste problem.
In the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, Melitta is working together with the Hanns R. Neumann Foundation to find economically viable ways of treating and reusing organic waste – thus creating innovative business models for local companies. This approach can help reduce the environmental impact to a minimum, while at the same time opening up new economic prospects for numerous people in the region.

Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier

LIGHT.ONE The sustainable tea light

Tea lights create a warm and cozy atmosphere – but are not really sustainable.
The past fiscal year saw the launch of an eco-friendly tea light under the LIGHT.ONE brand: made of vegetable wax, they emit no CO2 when burning and have a compostable shell. This makes them the world’s first tea light with a 100% biodegradable casing. They do not use any plastic or aluminum, nor do they burn palm, kerosene, or soy wax – thus setting a new standard for environmentally friendly and future-oriented home and living accessories. Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier developed the paper for the new tea light.

Melitta Sales Europe

Test winner Top score for Melitta repair service

In a series of undercover tests, the German consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest” examined the repair service of several providers of fully automatic coffee machines. The results published in February 2021 revealed that Melitta’s repair service was the best of all tested – with an unbeatable score of 1.0.
The jury was impressed that Melitta’s repair service completely rectified all defects of the fully automatic machines submitted. Only one other provider achieved this during the test series.


N-Viron-Flex® Recyclable packaging films

With its new N-Viron-Flex® film, ACW-Film can now offer its food industry customers a compelling eco-friendly solution. As a composite film made using only one material type, N-Viron-Flex® can be easily recycled.
Food packaging has so far predominantly used non-recyclable composite films. N-Viron-Flex® has the same product properties as such multiple-material composite films – and is thus capable of replacing them in the future. Unlike many other sustainable films, this new generation of films developed by ACW-Film can also be easily processed on new or existing packaging machines.

Cuki Cofresco

Cukipedia: How can food
be kept fresh

At what temperature does fish keep the longest? Which is the best place in the refrigerator to store fruit? And how long does refrigerated meat actually stay fresh?
Answers to these and many other questions are provided by Cukipedia – a knowledge database on the Cuki Cofresco website. Cukipedia aims to help consumers store food properly in the refrigerator and prevent food waste. In 2021, the database was revamped and new content was added. In total, Cukipedia provides information on the storage of 140 foodstuffs in the categories fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat, fish, and cheese.

Cuki Cofresco

10 Years “Cuki Save the Food”

The “Cuki Save the Food” project has been helping combat food waste for ten years now. Instead of throwing away leftover meals – for example from canteens – the project distributes them to those in need. 20 million meals have been rescued in this way over the past ten years. Cuki provides the aluminum containers in which meals can be safely transported.
The project’s anniversary was celebrated with a big event in 2021. Among other things, all participants helped prepare meals for a day, which were then delivered to charities.

Melitta Europe Coffee Preparation

Delighting with inno­vations Filter coffee­makers and fully auto­ma­tic machines

Demand for Melitta filter coffeemakers and fully automatic coffee machines continued to grow in 2021: the Melitta Group extended its leadership of the European market for filter coffeemakers, while sales of fully automatic coffee machines rose by almost 22 percent.
In November 2021, the new Melitta® Latticia® OT fully automatic coffee machine was launched with its innovative LATTEperfection milk system. Double milk frothing ensures wonderfully fine milk froth at just the right temperature – a level of enjoyment that was previously only possible at your favorite café.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Trademark for the future

Clear, stimulating, concise: Melitta Professional has a new corporate design. It combines the “Melitta” umbrella brand with the company’s expertise in working for professionals.
The new look is intended to emphasize the brand’s alignment with the needs of professional clients in the out-of-home market, thus sharpening Melitta Professional’s market positioning and highlighting its strengths. The new corporate design was accompanied by the launch of a revamped website that reflects the company’s dynamic development.


“Honest 100” Achieving a circular economy by 2025

As part of its “Honest 100” strategy, Cofresco has set itself the target of implementing the principles of the circular economy throughout its entire product range by 2025. At the heart of this strategy is the “ReDesign – ReCycle – ReUse – ReDuce” approach. This means that all products are systematically checked to see how their proportion of recyclate and/or renewable raw materials can be increased and whether the products themselves can be better recycled or even reused. The name “Honest 100” stands for implementing this development transparently and comprehensibly for consumers, and thus defining sustainability as an integral part of all brands in the future.

Melitta Business Service Center

Supplier Sustainabi­lity Summit More sustainable together

In October 2021, the Melitta Group held its Supplier Sustainability Summit under the motto “Joint Impact”. Attended by around 30 major European suppliers, the event provided a common platform to discuss future sustainability requirements in the Melitta Group’s supply chain. Over the course of the day, around 80 people exchanged views on their responsibility to integrate sustainability into purchasing and supply chain processes. The ideas, approaches, and solutions they developed formed the basis for further meetings and workshops held between suppliers and their respective contacts in the Melitta Group’s purchasing departments.

Coffee at Work

New work in a new working environment

The dynamic development of fresh at work is now also reflected by the company’s new location: the recently occupied offices are open, multifunctional and conducive to both personal interaction and focused work. A modern interior design concept, a cooling ceiling system and future-oriented technologies not only contribute to a sense of well-being, but also help save energy. Further investments to make the property even more sustainable are planned.

Wolf PVG

Swirl® Quinyo® Cordless vacuum cleaner with bag

Cordless, effortless, dust-free: the new Swirl® Quinyo® cordless vacuum cleaner and matching Swirl® EasyBag make vacuuming easier than ever. The contactless bag disposal system and the bag itself are particularly innovative: it automatically seals to prevent clouds of dust when removing the bag.

Melitta Group

Partnerships for new perspectives

In 2021, the Melitta Group acquired majority interests in the Italian coffee roaster Caffè Corsini and the online platform Both investments open up new growth prospects and promising cooperation opportunities for the companies concerned and the Melitta Group. With its well-known brands, Caffè Corsini has an outstanding reputation both at home and abroad – especially in the field of specialty coffees. By contrast, has established itself in recent years as the leading online provider of coffee products. These two investments represent a continuation of the Melitta Group’s dynamic and growth-oriented strategy in the coffee segment.

Melitta Single Portions

AVOURY 360° Tea Bar in Munich

In November 2021, shoppers in the Stachus Passagen mall in Munich had the chance to taste approximately 40 different teas and infusions in the AVOURY range. The AVOURY 360° Tea Bar served guests a variety of exceptional teas and provided in-depth advice on the different ways to make tea. A large number of visitors took the opportunity to purchase the AVOURY One tea machine on the spot – so they can enjoy this unique tea preparation method at home in the future.

Melitta Sales Europe

Rapid growth in Poland

An investment that has paid off very quickly: in 2021, the national subsidiary of Melitta Sales Europe achieved sales of over 10 million euros – even though the company was only founded in 2017. The rapid growth continued in the past fiscal year: sales increased by 40 percent.

Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

Melitta® Remote Coffee® Control with your smartphone

Melitta Professional’s XT and CT series of fully automatic coffee machines are setting new standards when it comes to hygiene safety: in addition to their easy-care housing and “Clean In Place” – a fully automatic cleaning system that requires no manual part removal – these models now also feature the Melitta® Remote Coffee® option.
Customers who want to select a beverage without touching the screen can send their request to the fully automatic machine via their smartphone. To do this, the user scans the unique QR code shown on the machine’s display and then simply selects the beverage on their phone. Melitta® Remote Coffee® is compatible with the latest versions of all operating systems and is available as a software update for Melitta Professional fully automatic coffee machines with telemetry modules.

Melitta Asia Pacific

China: B2C and B2B under one roof

Joining forces: Melitta Asia Pacific and Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions are growing closer together in China and operating as a single team. They are based at the same location, support each other, and benefit from numerous synergy effects generated by the use of shared resources and market opportunities. The aim is to work hand in hand in the future and offer both consumers and commercial customers an attractive and broad range of products – from bean to cup.

Melitta Europe Coffee

Melitta® Manufaktur coffees

Eleven exceptional products that make the hearts of coffee connoisseurs beat faster: Melitta Manufaktur has been roasting specialty and rarity coffees since the end of 2021, which it sells online. The exclusive coffees are individually roasted in a slow drum roasting process by an experienced master roaster. Only specialty coffees with a specialty score of 80 points or more are used. What all Melitta Manufaktur coffees have in common is that they are produced using traditional roasting skills, state-of-the-art technology and, of course, a tremendous passion for truly great coffee.

Melitta North America

Partnership with Keurig

Anyone in North America who loves single-serve coffee generally swears by K-CUP® Pods, the disposable coffee capsules for the brewing systems of US manufacturer Keurig Dr. Pepper. In 2021, Melitta entered into a partnership with Keurig and launched the first K-CUP® Pods under the Melitta® brand for the Canadian market. This not only enables Melitta to tap new customer groups on the American continent, but also to make a contribution to the environment – as the Keurig capsules are 100 percent recyclable in most Canadian communities.

Melitta Group

We care for each

Family, health and cohesion – these values have always had top priority at the Melitta Group. In order to cushion the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic as far as possible, the Group launched its “We care for each other” initiative in 2020. It was developed and mainly driven by the Corona Task Force – in close cooperation with all corporate divisions.
A wide variety of measures were implemented as part of the “We care for each other” initiative: from the organization of in-company vaccinations and provision of food trucks at various sites, to the remodeling and refurbishment of staff recreation rooms. There was also a significant focus on providing advice and information, such as tips on work-from-home routines, an online parents’ café, nutritional advice, and health courses. The “hoodie campaign” was also extremely successful: all employees were invited to order their favorite item from the Joint Impact Collection – in appreciation of their exceptional commitment and as an expression of Melitta’s fantastic team spirit.