Melitta Group Annual Report 2022

Regenerative Value Creation

In view of the current overstepping of many planetary boundaries, Regenerative Value Creation has become a necessity. It is no longer a question of being “less bad”, but of making a positive contribution to the protection and, above all, the regeneration of physical, ecological, and social systems. This requires a completely different way of doing business. We are working on this throughout our entire business.

Our business model requires the procurement and processing of many natural resources, often in energy-intensive processes. An intact environment is therefore crucial for us – for both economic and ethical reasons.

In addition to the integrated consideration of Regenerative Value Creation in our prioritized areas of action, we also take a holistic approach to this dimension in other processes that are not, or only partially, covered by the areas of action.

Our goals are climate neutrality and 100 percent circular production processes and product cycles. To this end, we are focusing on renewable energy sources, regenerative use of resources, and the circular economy. This is the only way to create an economic system that can meet the needs of society and our environment.