Melitta Group Annual Report 2022

Employer attractiveness


Surveys and analyses conducted among students, workers, and our own staff prove that our well-known brands and our presence in Germany and abroad make us a popular and attractive employer. A survey of our employees conducted in 2020, for example, found that almost every one of our employees would recommend Melitta as an employer. And we also receive extremely positive feedback on the employer-rating platform kununu, as well as during job interviews.

Nevertheless, we want to strengthen our appeal for our current and future employees by further developing our employer brand in terms of content and communication in line with our transformation process. One area we are focusing on in particular is the recruitment of employees from the generations Y and Z.

Targets and KPIs

Our objective is to further strengthen our employer brand in the coming years and to further boost our attractiveness for our current and future employees. We want to retain our skilled and motivated employees and recruit dedicated applicants with excellent professional and personal attributes and skills. We define employer branding as the identity-based, internally and externally directed positioning of a company as a credible and attractive employer.

All activities are based on the employer branding strategy that we jointly developed with our employees in 2020. The resulting brand essence and the employer brand claim “make it happen” were launched in 2023. The task now is to make both our brand essence and corporate culture visible and tangible at every touchpoint with external candidates and internal employees.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a comprehensive raft of measures which are gradually being implemented. The first step is to focus on raising the visibility and perception of our employer brand. In addition to traditional digital communication via social media, we are also focusing on direct contact with our target group. For example, we are expanding our cooperation with selected universities by participating in teaching, research and product development activities. In addition, we create concrete entry opportunities and offer internships, part-time jobs for students, and thesis placements. We also take part in career orientation events, inform pupils about the apprenticeships we offer and provide them with a first taste of work experience.

We cooperate with partners from the sports sector at a regional, national, and international level. This collaboration also serves to raise awareness and strengthen the profile of the Melitta® brand – also as an employer brand – and to expand our CSR activities.

Employer attractiveness




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What we achieved in 2022

  • Implemented and refined our employer branding strategy
  • Go-live and roll-out of our new employer brand with a campaign on the brand promise “make it happen”
  • Concluded a Group works agreement on flexible working
  • Introduced an advisory service for parents (“Parent Guide”)
  • Implemented a vacation program for our employees’ children
  • Expanded our collaboration with daycare centers

What we are currently working on

  • Internal and external implementation of our employer brand at a global level
  • Implementation of a work-life balance management system and training of certified work-life balance managers
  • Development of a care guide for family caregivers and acute individual cases
  • Organization of a vacation camp for our employees’ children