Melitta Group Annual Report 2022

The “data commons” principle

The collection and consolidation of data in order to evaluate and manage our actions is becoming increasingly important. Legislators and other stakeholders expect us to make the effects of our decisions and measures transparent and to demonstrate both their positive and negative impact on people and the environment. For us and the participants in our supply chains, this means that the ability to collect, consolidate, and securely share data is essential for our future involvement in economic activities. Examples of this are the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and the LkSG.

Against this backdrop, we advocate the “data commons” principle. Its aim is to enable all stakeholders to generate and share data easily – free of charge or at very low cost – while maintaining data sovereignty and security. To this end, we work together with the Berlin-based association “Sine Foundation e.V.”, which is committed to a cross-sector data commons approach. Together with the Sine Foundation and other companies, we are currently launching an initiative to bring the "data commons" principle to SMEs.

What we achieved in 2022

  • Developed a common understanding of the importance of the "data commons" principle for our further strategic development with the Sine Foundation

What we are currently working on

  • Preparing the further development of our management and reporting systems in accordance with legal and strategic requirements, together with the Sine Foundation
  • Advocating for a data ecosystem in the coffee sector that meets future legal and other requirements for proof of impact
  • Establishing a "data commons" initiative for German SMEs