Melitta Group Annual Report 2022

Work Culture

Our Work Culture is based on our attitude, which is shaped by appreciation and respect. These are the prerequisites for sustainable relationships with all relevant stakeholders – from our customers and employees to our business partners and their workforces.

The transformation to a regenerative economy also requires new and more intensive collaboration – both within our own organization and between organizations. After all, we can only develop a shared understanding – and thus the necessary creativity and impact for a far-reaching, sustainable transformation – if we work together on the basis of a trusting relationship and constructive cooperation between equals. Our aim here is to achieve long-term and innovative partnerships and to foster them in such a way that we can shape the transformation together in the interests of everyone involved.

This concerns human rights issues and questions of product safety and transparency as the basis for all further action, as well as how we shape cooperation within the company. We regard fair and equitable interaction with one another, safety and openness, as well as diversity, co-creation and joint, innovative learning as key elements of a work culture based on sustainability. Our goal is to create a networked culture of inspiration and collaboration to unlock individual and collective potential and thus successfully shape the transformation. This also requires a shared understanding of systemic dependencies, which can often only be generated by working together. Additional expertise in creative processes is essential in this regard.