Melitta Group Annual Report 2022

Organizational structure and corporate governance

In organizational terms, the Melitta Group consists of a central management holding company (Melitta Group Management) and 17 operating divisions. Chief Corporate Management defines the Group’s strategy and manages its business portfolio. It is supported in these efforts by six corporate divisions: Corporate Development; Human Resources; Communication and Sustainability; Finance; Legal, Compliance & Audit; and Innovation, Digitalization, and Start-ups.

Organizational structureOrganizational structure

A detailed description of our operating and corporate divisions and their economic development can be found in our Finance Report.

The Melitta Group is headed by Chief Corporate Management. Its members are Jero Bentz, a fourth-generation member of the owning family, and Volker Stühmeier. Chief Corporate Management defines the Group’s strategy and acts in line with the principle of collective representation as per the Articles of Association and its rules of procedure.

The members of Chief Corporate Management are appointed by the partners following a vote by the Advisory Council and base their management activities on the guidelines defined in the Partners’ Charter. The Advisory Council has seven members, four external and three family members, and is governed by its own rules of procedure.